Voice on The Net Magazine reports that the Federal Communications Commission has announced pannelists for an independent pannel which will review the impact Hurricane Katrina on communications networks.
The pannel is scheduled to meet for the first session on 30 January.
The pannel will review the hurricane’s effect on telecommunications and media infrastructure in the effected areas of the Gulf Coast

and is scheduled to make recommendations to the FCC on
disaster preparedness, network reliability, and communications among
responders by June 15, 2006. At their first meeting, the panel will
a tentative timeline and process for completion of its charge by the
15 date, as well as the committee’s structure. It will also introduce
receive brief statements from panel members on the impact of Hurricane
Katrina on their company’s or industry sector’s communications

Panel members include representatives from public safety organizations
Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Industry representatives
coming from BellSouth CenturyTel, Sprint, Cingular, Cox
PanAmSat, and Motorola. There appear to be no representatives from
Service Providers or VoIP providers.

I’m guessing that the reason for leaving out the VOIP and ISP crowd is because the two services aren’t on the list of those used by first responders, or at least that’s the way it’s perceived.
I’ll be interested in seeing the report when it’s released.

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