According to the Jerusalem Post, the Council of Rabbinical Judges has seen fit to cut ties between itself and women’s rights organizations fighting for agunot, (women who cannot remarry under Jewish Law because their husbands refuse to give them a get, or certificate of divorce0.
The decision of the council, a body representing over 90 judges of marital law, is a protest against repeated attacks launched by the women’s organizations
against the rabbinical establishment that led to media scrutiny of the judges and public criticism.
I’m not sure what criticism was leveled, but I think that’s a pretty sorry way to handle it.
Judge David Malka contends that most of the problems faced by agunot are due to lawyers fighting among themselves, and that there are only about twenty real agunot in Israel.
He also says he encourages women to relinquish child support payments and other monetary obligations due them from their husbands, because that money only belongs to the women in theory.
In that case, what’s the point of a Ketubah?
The Beit Din is offering the husband a way out of his financial obligations.
All he has to do is threaten not to give his wife a get, and he gets off scott-free.
No wonder they’re being criticized.

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