I didn’t watch the election coverage, but from what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, and from other news sources, Trump appears to have won the election. Speaking to those who are cheering the election of a fascist, racist, misogynist, and an ableist, someone who has demonstrated that to him, the race for the presidency is nothing more than a reality TV show, that the rules don’t apply to him in politics or in business, who is proud of fucking over those who work for him, and who sums up just about every single hateful quality that one person can possess, fuck all of you. Some of you insist that globalism has been defeated by a Trump victory. If you really believe that, you’re a lot stupider than I thought you were. Even if your crowing were correct, you defeated globalism by electing the American version of Hitler. You elected a man who is heartily endorsed by organizations like the Ku Klux Klan. You have demonstrated that hate is perfectly acceptable as long as the person pedaling that hate tells you just enough things that you want to hear. When some republicans who had guts and decided to act on them tried to warn you that Trump is no conservative, you didn’t listen. Report after report after report of anti-semitism surfaced, from liberals and conservatives, and you said, “no big deal,” because reasons, or what the fuck ever. Oh, and I hope those of you who are celebrating and who are also disabled like your accessibility self-service, because that’s exactly what we’re in for. So in six months, I don’t want to hear any of you complaining about what you’ve wrought. You will have brought it on yourselves and the rest of us.

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