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Mike Nifong’s going to be wearing a lot of egg on his face.
Since the man can’t seem to bolster his own case, he’s taken to blaming bloggers, and, surprisingly, the media.
Everybody but him and his defenders has it all wrong, of course, and no matter what we’re all seeing, the girl was raped, and he’ll prove it.
And for once, the mainstream media is actually reporting the facts, instead of editorializing.
Nifong e-mailed: “None of the ‘facts’ I know at this time, indeed, none of the evidence
I have seen from any source, has changed the opinion that I expressed initially.”
Sounds to me like his mind’s already made up, and the facts be damned.
When this case finally is thrown out, (as I expect it will be), Nifong’s going to have a lot to answer for, and I’ll be surprised if there aren’t civil suits headed his way.
The man has ruined at least three lives and foolishly tried to play the race card without succeeding, and he doesn’t have anything to show for it.
I’m not saying his tactics would be kosher if he did have something to show for it, but at least if he did, you might be able to make a moral argument.
Instead, we’ve been witness to a media circus.
And now for a little social commentary.
I believe one of the reasons this girl was able to bring a rape accusation and have it gain this much notoriety is because of the promiscuous society we live in.
By no means am I suggesting that rape victims deserve what they got, nor am I suggesting that every rape victim was raped because she put herself in a bad situation.
However, (and especially in cases like this), we’re talking about a girl who put herself in a very bad situation.
All the circumstances were right for an actual rape to have taken place.
And the fact that it appears as though this girl is lying and trying to scheme to get something out of this hurts actual rape victims even more.
Now, more than any other time, people are going to accuse anyone claiming rape of being a money-grubbing jiggaho just out to get what she can.
And I imagine Duke University is wearing some egg as well.
They pretty much ruined the sports year for their students, sparked race-related tention, and all for a trumped-up charge.
In case you’ve been living under a rock, La Shawn Barber has lots on this.

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