Angel’s Trumpet Plant Can Be Hallucinogenic
POSTED: 6:41 am EST January 20, 2006
UPDATED: 10:41 am EST January 20, 2006
A batch of homemade tea made from a common flower in Central Florida
left a 17-year-old Titusville, Fla., boy fighting for his life,
according to a Local 6 News report.
David O’Bryan Taylor, known as Bryan, is at Florida Hospital in
waiting to find out why his heart is misfiring and whether he’ll need
About two weeks ago, Taylor brewed a batch of tea from the leaves or
flowers of an Angel’s Trumpet to get high, according to Local 6 News
partner Florida Today.
Taylor said he followed directions he found on the Internet and
accidentally overdosed. The drink nearly killed him, according to the
“I’m scared to death for him,” his mother, Gloria Ryle told Florida
Today. “They wake him up at night because his heart skipped seven
and he doesn’t even know it.”
The shrub-tree with trumpet-like flowers is common in Florida and
occasionally has been controversial because of its use as a
In 1995, the city of Maitland banned planting Angel’s Trumpet after
teens there died after ingesting it. Locally, in 2000, two teens from
Indian Harbour Beach were hospitalized after drinking the poisonous
according to the report.
Local law enforcement officers and others say they’ve seen only a few
cases over the past decade, but one is too many.
“It’s not very common at all, nor would we like it to be,” said
Titusville Police Department spokesman Warren Van Vuren.
Five years ago, the Centers for Disease Control reported that more
230 people had died in one year from psychotropic drugs of all types
Florida, including Angel’s Trumpet.

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