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Israel is preparing to take the fighting to a second front, after Hizbullah began firing on Israel’s northern border in order to cover up the killing of seven soldiers and the kidnapping of two more Wednesday morning Israel time.
Olmert is calling Hizbullah’s incursion an act of war by Lebanon.
I wonder when the international community is going to start screaming about how Israel is being unfair, and when the US is going to start telling Israel to use restraint?
I know it’s coming at some point, because no matter what the Arabs seem to pull out of their kafiyas, it’s just peachy according to the UN and the other idiots who seem to think their oppinion matters.
Israel needs to quit playing games and start kicking ass and taking names.
If the Arabs want to play hardball, then the Israelis should let them know they’re game by not wasting their time on any door-to-door operations, and let the Arabs have what their asking for.

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