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Let’s see if I have this straight.
William Jefferson takes money as part of a bribe, then hides it in his freezer.
And then, when he’s investigated, he claims it’s because he’s black.
The FBI raided his congressional office, and found incriminating documents, but another congressman, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert runs to his defense, says the seizure was unconstitutional, and demands the documents be returned.
The Department of Justice claims that Hastert isn’t under investigation, issuing one of the tersest statements I’ve heard in a while.
ABC News says Hastert really is being investigated, and when the DOJ and Hastert deny the allegation, ABC sticks to the story.
The level of corruption here is simply mind-boggling.
And so is the level of stupidity.
Hiding money in the freezer?
I’m not sure whether to applaud the originality or go with my gut impression and call it the stupidest thing I think I’ve heard of someone doing in a long time.
This whole thing is totally bizarre.
I think that Hastart defending Jefferson creates a huge suspicion that he’s involved in some way.
But why is the DOJ saying he’s not under investigation and ABC saying he is.
ABC could be pulling a Dan Rather, but I don’t think the fall-out will be as it’s expected to.
Hastart has already come to Jefferson’s defense, so that paints him in a not-so-good light.
I tend to believe that this kind of corruption exists because we have leaders who feel that they are above the law.
They feel as though they’re entitled to something, and that’s a mindset we can’t afford.
They’ll run this country into the ground.
Hat-tip: La Shawn Barber

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