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ST. LOUIS, MO — A burglar picked the wrong home to invade Thursday morning. The intruder had a knife, but the homeowner he encountered pulled out a gun
and started shooting.

After breaking Willie Brown’s window, the burglar walked upstairs into a bedroom where Brown was sleeping. But after grabbing Brown’s wallet, the knife
wielding thief received an unexpected and unwelcome surprise when Brown opened his eyes.

Brown said, “He was standing right at the door. He said, ‘I got a knife. Don’t move.’ I said, What? ‘I got a knife. Don’t move.’ Don’t move, huh? You got
a knife? Okay, you got a knife. And I shot him.”

He said, “Whoops!”

“I said it’s too late for whoops now. I’m going to put a whoops to this 38.”

The wounded suspect ran down the steps as Brown continued firing. A bullet hole is lodged in a wall along the stairwell. The thief made it to his car, but
was picked up by police a short time later.

Brown, a 73 year old former Green Beret, says he has protected himself since he fought in the Korean War.

“When I was in Korea I slept in a foxhole, with 5 hand grenades, a 45 automatic and a M-1 rifle”

But it was the 38 caliber handgun Brown kept tucked underneath his pillow that made a difference on Thursday. Brown said, “I keep it up there all the time”

While he said it was unfortunate to have to shoot the man, Brown believes it saved his life. “These days you got to have something to protect yourself or
you are going down, because they don’t care whether you’re old, young, whatever. Woman or man, they’ll take you out. They don’t care.”

The would-be thief got exactly what he deserved.
Jack says he almost feels sorry for the burglar, although I’m not sure why.
Why should anyone feel sorry for someone who breaks into another’s residence, threatens the occupant, and then gets shot.
And I’m not sure why the editor of the above story thought it strange for someone to defend themselves and their property.
I think the burglar got just what he needed.
He’s lucky he lived through the experience, and maybe it’ll teach him a little something.

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