by Jennifer Harris (Twitter)

My God.

“One of the most heart-wrenching cases I have seen recently was…a Texas minor who had been raped by a family member & traveled (accompanied by her guardian) all the way from Galveston to get her abortion in Oklahoma because she was more than 6 weeks pregnant.” #txlege

Absolutely stellar job Republicans. Extra credit for further traumatizing a survivor of rape in the process. Bless your little hearts you’re just so overflowing with that wholesome Christian love we all just can’t get enough of that I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and completely at a loss for words as to how I should express my praise.

A tweet by Nate Silver (Twitter)

Not that anyone bothers to be logically consistent anymore. But imagine e.g. how liberals would feel about protocols that gave unelected "homeland security" bureaucrats powers to unilaterally
enact sweeping changes to society because of perceived terrorist threats.

This is absolutely hilarious, because I’m old enough to remember when unelected Homeland Security bureaucrats were given power to unilaterally enact sweeping changes to society because of perceived terrorist threats. You won’t believe what happened after that. Real True Americans called anyone who questioned any of it every name in the book for ten-plus years, and then when they ran out of already-existing names they made up new ones. Libtard has had particular sticking power. When calling us every name in the book wasn’t doing the trick, they accused us of every crime in the book, and then made up new ones when they ran out of those. Keep that in mind the next time a Real True American pleads for civility or complains about liberals being mean to them.

A tweet by Bill Kristol (Twitter)

I wonder if Democrats shouldn't make a sustained effort to make these four Republican members of Congress representative of the rest of the GOP conference. They're not, you claim? Fine, let the other Republican members denounce them and remove them from GOP slots on committees.

Narrator: Democrats should absolutely do everything in their power to make these four representative of the entire conference.

A tweet by Ben Shapiro (Twitter)

If you want to de-polarize American society, begin with a simple task: say publicly that someone you totally disagree with about politics, someone who voted for the other guy, is a nice human being and people should give them a read or listen.

You first.

Yoast on Twitter (Twitter)
“WordPress 5.0 is coming December 6th. We have our thoughts about that:”

Following is a transcription of what are apparently official comments from Yoast regarding the slated WordPress 5.0 release on Thursday. I’m providing this transcription for those who are using Twitter clients which do not support alternative text, (essentially the blindness-specific Twitter client), as well as for those on Facebook, and Mastodon. The quote reads:

We vehemently disagree with the decision to release WordPress 5.0 on December 6th, and think it’s irresponsible and disrespectful towards the community. However, we’re now going to try and support the community as well as possible and we hope to show everyone that Gutenberg is indeed a huge step forward.

Yoast is one of the largest plugin developers in the WordPress space, and they’ve made no bones about their support for accessibility. This tweet, for example, carries alternative text, and Yoast has made it a point to ensure that the user interfaces for their Search Engine Optimization plugin are as accessible as possible given the current WordPress interface. Joost’s comment is probably as professional as it’s going to get on this score, and know, I’m not counting the “everything-is-awesome” type comments that will inevitably be shared by Matt from Gutenberg’s cheering section in the score. There’s been a lot of chaos around Gutenberg and accessibility, and it’s heartening to know that so many in the WordPress space, including some rather large plugin and theme shops, are fighting alongside traditional accessibility advocates. All of you have my sincerest thanks.

Marcy Sutton on Twitter (Twitter)
“I'm doing some writing on code + civil rights again; and my conclusion is I need to put my money where my mouth is and move my site away from Wordpress.”

Dear leadership: Get your shit together because this is one of a handfull of people who are actually experts who are also skilled React devs and your squandering WordPress’s hard-won rep on a11y for an arbitrary deadline is a damn shame.