A Terrifying Sign of Assimilation by Jeff Yang
Ours is a nation where the unimaginable has somehow become inevitable. If Mr. Chou, Mr. Tran and Mr. Zhao committed mass shootings, they did so not because they were Asian but as Americans. Mass murder may be the fullest act of assimilation possible into a culture that has proudly chosen as its colors the red of innocent blood, the white of panicked eyes and the hazy blue of semiautomatic smoke.
Chad Loder (@chadloder@kolektiva.social)
Attached: 4 images Andy Ngo vocally celebrates the murder of Black men by police. Ngo blamed George Floyd for his own murder and called him a "late porn star". Andy Ngo suggested that Ahmaud Arbery deserved to be murdered because he had once been convicted of a petty crime. Ngo made made several false claims about Ahmaud Arbery, including a claim about a homeowner's surveillance video that was quickly refuted by the homeowner himself.