From The Federalist to Fox News, Ben Domenech's flip-flop on vaccine mandates highlights right-wing media hypocrisy
During his stints as one of the rotating guest hosts on Fox News Primetime, Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech has hammered viewers over the tyranny of vaccine mandates -- bemoaning the supposed creeping authoritarianism of public health requirements that, according to an earlier defense of the same policy by Domenech himself, have been in place “since before the Emancipation Proclamation.” In a 2015 piece for The Federalist titled “The Insane Vaccine Debate,” Domenech condemned Republican politicians for being unable to “discuss vaccination policy without sounding like anti-science fools,” and he lauded the right of public and private institutions to require vaccinations in the name of public safety. Now that Domenech has fallen in line with Fox’s hysterics about the COVID-19 vaccines, however, the earlier piece serves to starkly highlight the lack of principle needed to become a Fox News talking head.