by Andy Andy (Mastodon)
@DavidGoldfield I think this is a cool platform! I just wish that it was easier for casual users of computers to sign up. Right now you’re overwhelmed with choice with all the instances etc, which I think is confusing a lot of people.


@remixman @DavidGoldfield I don't see how signing up for Mastodon is any different or difficult than signing up for email.

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I kinda hate activitypub things that give a link and nothing else. is a good example of this. When i see a post from that account its just a bare link. No clickable link card, no idea what its about, etc. I think its likely wordpress or something doing it but i skip all those posts and only pay attention to the account.

From the “I Should RTFM More Carefully” Dept.:

I screwed up the redirects on my end, so I effectively had them in twice, which, well, caused everything to loop back on itself.

I may change the identifier, but after this point, I have complete control over how things look and what gets published, (favorites, replies and boosts show up correctly while I can still publish my reads and other non-fediverse stuff without it going to the fediverse as just a link).

Thanks for letting me know about the problem, because I then had to sit down and figure out what was going on and I caught the mistake.