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If Republicans cannot denounce the mainstreaming of antisemitism in their own party, they are complicit in the normalization of antisemitism in the Republican Party. Kevin McCarthy attended the ADL virtual rally last year amid a rise in antisemitism. He looks like a coward right now. Jews need allies. #Jewish #Antisemitism The Wrap: ‘Morning Joe': Scarborough Slams Kevin McCarthy Silence on Trump-Fuentes Meeting as ‘Sad and Pathetic’ (Video) https://www.thewrap.com/morning-joe-kevin-mccarthy-silence-trump-fuentes-meeting-video/ I remember how some family/friends were like, BUT HE'S GOOD FOR ISRAEL. No, he wasn't and never was. He only did what he did to appeal to the right-wing evangelical base. He never once cared for Jews and having Jewish grandchildren doesn't count when he's spewing the classic antisemitic dual loyalty trope. #Antisemitism When it comes to Christian evangelicals, their support for Israel is because they want the second coming and believe it will bring about the rapture. Sadly, the right-wing Republicanism has invaded Orthodox #Jewish communities to the point where people are voting against their own self-interests and suddenly going against Jewish values when it comes to what Republicans are pushing. One Orthodox Jewish woman in particular is terrorizing LGBTQ youth and inciting domestic terrorism at hospitals. There is no place for this sort of behavior in the Jewish community. Inciting domestic terrorism is not a #Jewish value. None of this is normal.