Vriska's Delivery Service (@vriska@lizards.live) (Lizards Live!)
Elon Musk should be the first human with a neurolink. If he doesn't want one, then they're just as obviously brain fryingly dangerous and irresponsible and stupid as anyone with common sense can tell you. If he does, we get to watch him succumb to the near 100% mortality rate after tortuous symptoms he subjected the test monkeys to. Money where your mouth is.
danielle kefford (@quephird@queer.party) (Queer Party!)
My hot take is that Target, and any other organization for that matter, that decides to do something that promotes/supports/celebrates marginalized people needs to anticipate potential backlash, _and_ plan on continuing that support when it happens. If they aren't prepared to do that, then they shouldn't do so in the first place, and they aren't real allies. They're merely opportunists.
Oliphantasy Star Online (@oliphant@oliphant.social) (Oliphant Social)
People like to reverse this, you know, like the admins who run these servers are the unreasonable ones. Those server admins, who send their free time--on their own dime--for *fun*--to administer a community of people they trust's access to the fedi. And you want to tell them what they *should* do? Fuck off, Gruber. You don't understand this place, starting with the fact it's not "one place" it's "many places" and no one owns the whole thing, not even you. And you should celebrate the right of any server to choose who they associate with. *taps the sign* "Freedom of association is the part of free speech that free speech warriors always ignore." From Elon to half the fucking journalists out there, to this Gruber dork, everyone gets it wrong. Because they see 'freedom of speech' as an entitlement to say whatever you want, and others are expected to just 'grow up' and take it 'real adults' or whatever other demeaning phrases you want to use for people who do the most adult, most empowering activity of all: Assertively saying "No." You don't have freedom of speech without a corresponding freedom of association. Without it, you end up with a shooting gallery for abuse.
Chris Trottier (@atomicpoet) (Calckey Social)
What @gruber@mastodon.social clearly doesn’t understand about the Fediverse is that *I don’t have to interact with people or services that make me miserable*. Which I couldn’t do when I was using Facebook. I was at the mercy of their algorithm, hoping that I wouldn’t encounter something *they dumped into my feed* which would make me deeply unhappy. And yet he believes that *choosing* not to connect with #Barcelona makes you a “misfit island loser”. @gruber@mastodon.social believes that freedom of association is for losers. (📎1)
Eniko Fox (@eniko@peoplemaking.games) (People Making Games)
Love seeing people defend staying on twitter by bringing up people who's livelihood depended on it, as a person who's livelihood depended on twitter. You know what that made me do? It made me work extra hard to set up shop elsewhere because with my livelihood on the line I couldn't actually afford to stay on twitter and wait for Elon to destroy it and my livelihood with it
Carey Lening :blobcatverified: (@privacat@dataprotection.social) (Data Protection Social)
Attached: 1 image This is why the US can't have nice data transfers. F.B.I. Violated Surveillance Program Rules After George Floyd Protests and Jan. 6 Attack https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/19/us/politics/fbi-violated-surveillance-program-rules.html >The bureau made changes after the newly revealed violations of rules for querying messages intercepted under an expiring warrantless surveillance law.
Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor@mastodon.social) (Mastodon)
What continues to disappoint me the most is that people who know better -- particularly journalists -- have capitulated to Musk in every way that matters. They kind of, sort of recognize the menace he represents, and don't like his loud loathing of what they do. But the audience and content matter more to them, even though they could bring both to better places. Look, I have my own hypocrisies. But supporting Musk was one I couldn't abide.

#Google just announced that going forward, any account not logged into for two years gets deleted.

This means huge amounts of rare or unique #video is about to disappear from #YouTube as accounts get flagged as inactive, such as when the user dies. Families’ #HomeMovies (often posted by an older relative for their family’s benefit), historical footage, rare #television clips, etc. What an incalculable loss to human #history and culture!

If there are videos important to you on someone else’s video channel, find a way to download them. And if you have rare #media of historical importance, consider leaving it to institutional #archives or lending it to archives for digital preservation.


Hugops to every other #mastoadmin having to deal with this spam wave. We have been fighting is on mastodon.social for days, and were forced to close registrations yesterday until we could emergency-deploy countermeasures.
Unfortunately, this made them realise they are other servers in the Fediverse to target.
If any admin needs help fighting this, please ping me either on the server admin discord, or directly here, and I will gladly help.


Great NPR article over the weekend on Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame, the blind chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. I highly recommend you read it! Key sentence, “How do you define disability?
It is not the presence of the impairment, but it is the social and attitudinal barriers that are hindering our performance.”
Link: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2023/05/13/1174089463/when-getty-began-losing-her-vision-as-a-girl-she-was-told-her-life-was-over-wron
#blind #NFB #LowVision #disability