Students fight back against a book ban that has a Pennsylvania community divided from

1. This left-wing cancel culture is out of control. 2. I’ve been repeatedly told by the anti-woke that the concern is over things like the 1619 Project and figures like Robin Di Angelo and Ibram Kendi. I’d like to believe that’s what’s really going on here but somehow I’m not convinced. 4. Wait, I’m confused. Is banning ideas and/or words bad or good? I keep receiving mixed signals on this from both Real True Patriots ® and Real True Intellectual Free Minds ® and as a result I’m having trouble with accommodating this much whiplash. Perhaps Bari will manage to fire up yee old Substack and clear all this up between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, because I’d hate to think all that stuff about exposure to ideas you don’t agree with is just bullshit designed to generate clicks and subscription dollars. So far the Substack Intelligencia, the Intellectual Dark Web, and the signatories of the Harper’s Letter have all been unavailable for comment, but I’m sure they’ll be on this as soon as possible.

I saw this earlier and couldn’t figure out what was going on because i tried to OcR a screenshhot and didn’t realize this was a video.

now that I’ve watched it, yeah actually that’s pretty Goddamn misogynist.