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I’d like to wish everyone an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.
I also hope that every one of us will take the time to reflect on the many sacrifices made on our behalf by those serving in the military and their families, and those who have paid the ultimate price, along with those who have survived them.
Our freedom is something that had to be battled over, and a lot of blood has been shed so that we as civillions can go about our lives in peace, and so that we can even go so far as to burn the flag in extreme cases without the fear of government reprisal.
So let’s all stop, if only for a moment, and offer a sincere thanks.
For those of you who make it a regular habit to pray, here are some devotions you might consider adapting for your own use.

Prayer For Our Country

God of our fathers, who gives salvation to nations and strength to
governments, bless and safeguard our country, the United States of
America, and the people who dwell therein.

May brotherly love ever be found among all the citizens of our land.
Implant in the hearts of all the people a steadfast purpose to work as
one for the safeguarding of freedom, justice, and peace.

Supreme King of Kings, protect and help our President. Shield him
against all sickness and injury. Grant to him and to all the
constituted officers of our government such wisdom and understanding
that they may lead our nation in justice and righteousness. In their
days and ours may Yehuda be saved and Yisrael dwell in safety.

(In time of war add:)

We beseech You, O God, to shield and protect our armed forces, in the
air, on sea, and on land. Bless them with victory. May it be Your will
that the dominion of tyranny and cruelty speedily be brought to an end
and the kingdom of righteousness be established on Earth with liberty
and freedom for all mankind. Amen.

Memorial Prayer For Fallen Servicemen

O God full of compassion, grant perfect rest beneath the cover of Your
Presence to all who have bravely laid down their lives for our
country. Shelter them among the holy and pure, who are as radiant as
the luminous firmament. O source of compassion, bring them ever near
to You that their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life, as
are the souls of the righteous. And the work of righteousness shall be
peace, and the effect of righteousness, quietness and confidence
forever. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall
they learn war any more. Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
and all flesh shall see it together. Amen.

I also suggest the following passage from the Book of Psalms:

  • 2
  • 43
  • 75
  • 78
  • 88
  • 143

I hope this weekend, and especially Memorial Day itself, is meaningful to everyone.
Lorie Byrd has a huge round of posts on Memorial Day, and so does Stop The ACLU.

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