Yes, you read that right, I’m playing hookie. 


Because I just can’t bring myself to pay for a cab to go to work and sit. 

After paying all my bills, I’ll have over $200 left, and the only thing coming out of next week’s pay is the rent, so I can stand to miss the pay for today. 

I just can’t handle going in there and sitting all day, and paying to do it. 

Not motivated isn’t the right word for it. 

I’m way past that point. 

I won’t get to watch Star Trek today, but at least I won’t be sitting in a cube, doing what I could be doing at home. 


3 thoughts on “Not Going To Work

  1. I now have to pay a babysitter in order to get out to the local cine-megaplex, I may not catch Jackson’s 3-hour take on the monstrous monkey until it hits DVD. Liberal Common Sense is haunted by Joan Osborne, and offers the last OTA post…of 2005. Customerservant is not going to work. An index of funny stuff, as always, is available from Conservative Cat. On a more serious note, it’s amazing how stories like Baby Maxwell’s — linked by Don Surber from KOMO TV in Washington — are so much more gut-wrenching


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