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This weekend didn’t turn out at all like I thought it would.
I came in from work Thursday to find my flor soaked.
When I checked my phone mail, I found out that Ze’evi ended up in the hospital.
I knew he was sick, but I didn’t think it was that bad.
He sayed there until yesterday afternoon, and while he’s OK for now, he’s not out of the woods.
He got sick again this morning, and we thought he was going to have to go back.
I felt so bad I couldn’t be there with him.
I kept calling to check on him, and every time I talked to him he sounded so pitiful.
He’s supposed to come down this Thursday, barring any more complications.
By Friday morning, my carpet was soaked part of the way into the living room.
I had called maintenance, and they didn’t come out until 08:00 Friday morning.
Then the carpet cleaners had to come and dry the carpet.
They left around 14:00 or so.
I spent yesterday sleeping off and on once I found out everything was OK with Ze’evi, and then today I did laundry.
I still haven’t mopped up the floor yet, because I’m going to have to vaccume it before I can even think about mopping it.
I’ll take care of that during the week.
I woke up at around 10:00 this morning, and I was still really tired but I forced myself to get up because I didn’t want to sleep the day away, although I think I cold have very easily done that.
I hope this week isn’t as eventful.

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