This always happens whenever they release a new batch of trainees onto the floor.
For some reason, it matters what seat people sit in.
I can sort of see that from a project point of view, because you want to try to keep the projects separate.
But people can’t sit in the seats near the back where I now sit because they’re not paid for.
Paid for?
Hello, they’re already here, and whether you put people in those seats or other seats, the number of people is still the same.
So why the nitpicking about furniture that’s already been leased/rented/bought?
Are they just supposed to sit here and look pretty.
Corporate America at work.
Isn’t it grand.
On a completely different subject, I got an email this morning from a visitor to the site who says it looks messed up in Firefox and IE.
It doesn’t to me, but then I’m viewing it with a screen reader.
Would anybody be willing to take a look and give some direction?
Either leave comments here or send mail to this address.
I just got a call from someone calling on behalf of a member who was niftar (passed away) last week.
I hate calls like that.
We always have to act so “official” because we’re trying to make sure we get their information taken care of.
This man just received an order from us, so there’s definitely an accompanying bill.
I hope I don’t have to deal with that.
Luckily, the person calling couldn’t verify HIPPA so I got off the proverbial hook.
I hope his relatives find comfort in the coming days.

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