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  1. […] Trackback URL for this entry:http://haloscan.com/tb/linkfests/113764463792022581Conservative CatExcerpt: Weblog: Conservative CatTracked: 01.18.06 – 7:27 pmThursday’s Best PostsExcerpt: 30 days hath September, April, June and November … So why do we give 60 to teh Legislature? That is the theme of this excellent Daily Mail editorial, which reads in part:Weblog: Don SurberTracked: 01.18.06 – 11:28 pmBacon Break — Blonde BombshellExcerpt: image Featured Blog: It’s been awhile since I spotlighted one of my favorite blogs. I like to hang with David of third world country — OOPS – third world county, and not only because he’s a fellow member of the vast rightwing conspirac…Weblog: TMH’s Bacon BitsTracked: 01.19.06 – 2:35 amThursday Open TrackbackExcerpt: Weblog: Right Wing NationTracked: 01.19.06 – 5:27 amThursday SpecialExcerpt: 1. One more good reason to lose weight A prisoner lost some 30 pounds so he could squeeze through a hole he chiseled in a brick wall and escape from a maximum security jail in Sydney.Weblog: Jo’s CafeTracked: 01.19.06 – 5:33 amPicnic 01-19-2006Excerpt: Items I found while perusing my blogroll.Weblog: Basil’s BlogTracked: 01.19.06 – 5:35 amOpen Trackback PostExcerpt: It’s time, once again, for the open trackback post, where you get to shamelessly promote yourselves and your work at my expense. Just trackback this post, (see the trackback URL at the end and copy shortcut to paste it to your clipboard), and yo…Weblog: customerservant.comTracked: 01.21.06 – 4:14 pmBrief Thoughts On Marital BlissExcerpt: They were situated in such a way that I couldn’t see what was printed on them as I walked in and I thought for a moment how sweet that was. He had tried to decorate. I laughed to myself at how typical that was of him to do it so ineptly. It was endear…Weblog: Blue Star ChroniclesTracked: 01.22.06 – 12:15 pm […]


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