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Long-banished radio bad boys Opie & Anthony are returning to the air
to save
the company that fired them nearly four years ago, sources say.

The toxic twosome, canned by CBS’s WNEW-FM after contestants on one of
shows were caught making love inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, are
to return “within weeks” to the sister station Howard Stern
abandoned –
“Free FM” (92.3), formerly K-Rock, according to the sources.

That means curtains for Stern successor David Lee Roth, who’s been
with CBS over his show’s format after lousy initial ratings.

Opie & Anthony – a k a Gregg Hughes, 41, and Anthony Cumia, 43 – were
No. 1
with men in “afternoon drive” until the St. Pat’s scandal drove them
unregulated XM Satellite Radio 18 months ago.

Stern, a longtime enemy of “O&A,” debuted on rival Sirius Satellite
Radio in

XM is expected to continue to air O&A while syndicating them –
carrying both
a sanitized, “FCC-compatible” version for Roth’s seven CBS stations as
as a shorter, free-wheeling version for anything-goes XM. The
arrangement means radio’s highest-rated rebels will finally go head to
with Stern.

Ironically, Opie & Anthony will expand their potential audience
massively by
adding conventional stations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and
while Stern’s current satellite-radio audience is only about a tenth
of what
it was on more than three dozen “terrestrial” stations.

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