The PA’s Office of Religious Affairs claims that the Western Wall, revered by Jews for generations as the last remaining remnant of the Holy Temple, as Muslim property.
In their continuing efforts to destroy any remnants of a historical Jewish presence at the Temple Mount, the wakf, or religious trust, claims that the archaeological digs newr the Wall have yielded no proof of any Jewish presence.
They also claim that the 1929 Hebron massacre was a result of the Jews trying to claim ownership of the wall, and that Jews were only allowed to cry near the Wall in 1948 because of Muslim mercy.
They also contend that the plaza that the Jews stood on was only four meters wide.
One wonders why they’ve put so much effort in to trying to disprove that the Jews ever had a presence in Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.
All the protesting on their part only lends support to the Jewish claim.

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