This”>″>This article reminded me of that quote from Star Trek TNG, though I don’t know wny.  I do agree with the author though, believing that it’s time for Israel to start acting in Israel’s interest, and not with the permission of the State Department.  Yes, there are people in this country who support Israel, but they’re part of the rank and file, mostly traditional Jews and evangelical Christians, not the State Department.  Bush’s support seems to be only nominal.  I’m all for fighting terrorism, but I don’t think it’s fair for Bush to hold Israel to a double standard.  I’m not sure which is worse: the U. S. government issuing its directives to what it believes is its satelite state in the Middle East, or Israel acting to carry out those directives like a humble servant.  In case the conspiracy theorists are right, and the FBI is actually survaling me, I want to make it clear that I am not in favor of Kahane-style violence of any kind.  I am, however, in favor of Israel looking out for its own interests, and not shying away from those interests just because they don’t coincide with U. S. interests.  We’re supposed to be allies, not marriage partners.  Israel isn’t required to compromise, just as the U. S. isn’t required to compromise, when our interests aren’t mutual.  We’re required to come to each other’s aid when one of us is in need, and right now, Israel is in serious need of some assistance, or at least some time to clean up its own back yard, and take care of the threats coming from its neighbors, while the U. S. government looks the other way at the very least, or stands up for what it knows to be right and fair at most. 

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