According to Israel National News, recent polls taken show that Israelis would not vote for future withdraws from the Shamron if the PA remains inactive, as it always has been.
According to Tel-Chai Nation, watching birds migrate is much more interesting than watching all the celebrities migrate to Sharon’s new party (Kadema) because of opportunism on their part.
I have to agree.
And it’s about time the left in Israel shows a modicum of sense.

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2 thoughts on “Poll Shows Israelis Rejecting Future Withdrawals

  1. If the electorate follows Sharon at all it will be because he has an established record and name recognition. Of course as I have theorized before, the popular vote could be so diluded and fragmented that we see a labor majority and if this happens, Simon of Oslo was wrong with his roll of the dice and choice to follow Sharon. If and this may be even more likely we see a Sharon win, Simon of Oslo will be seen as a canny operator. How do you suppose Sha’i would read all this.
    Ray T. Mahorney


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