Stop The ACLU reports
that the ACLU is fighting to have crosses serving as burial memorials removed from Uta’s highways.
The crosses mark the spots where highway patrolmen have been felled in the line of duty.
The ACLU claims they’re unconstititional.
Those crosses aren’t any more unconstitutional than Muslim women wearing scarves, or Christians wearing crucifixes, or Jews wearing kippot.
They’re not going to convert anyone.
When have you ever heard of any convert to Christianity saying, “I used to be on drugs, until one day I was driving down the highway, and I saw all these crosses that said “Rest In Peace,” and it just turned my heart around.”
And on top of that, they want to try to make sure that no reference to how these men died appears on any future tombstones they might deem constitutional to put in place of the crosses.
I think the ACLU has outlived its usefulness, along with the ADL.
Neither organization is doing its job, and you have Jews all over the place shouting that Abe Foxman doesn’t represent all of Jewry, and I’m adding my voice to that chorus.
Most of aren’t liberal nazis.
Both organizations are completely useless now.
They may have served their purpose at one time, but they’ve long since stopped doing that.
Either both organizations need to be reminded of what their purpose is, and need to be penalized every time they fail to fulfill that purpose, or they need to be dispanded.

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