From the “There’s More To This Story And I Haz The Questions” dept.:

The two ridesharing companies, which have gained prominence in Austin after Uber and Lyft stopped serving customers in May, deny allegations in the lawsuits — but one company is working on an out-of-court settlement.

Source: Ridesharing companies Get Me, RideFare respond to lawsuits over blind user access – Austin Business Journal

The second company mentioned here, GetMe, says that it would cost approximately $500,000 to fix the accessibility of their app. If they’re providing an approximate figure like that, they didn’t pull it out of thin air, so the first question is which firm quoted that? Secondly, the NFB says that’s inaccurate, but since it’s not like there are published market rates for accessibility remediation work, and the work that needs to be done depends on more than one factor, I think what the NFB should be saying is: “We have friends who can get it done cheaper.” Ten bucks says at least one of these companies ends up being at least a NFB of Texas convention sponsor next year, of not a national sponsor.

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