According to, an Italian judge has been placed in the unfortunate position of having to determine whether or not Jesus existed.
Is seems that it’s come down to two men, from the same small town, one of whom is a priest, and the other of whom is an atheist.
The atheist, Luigi Cascioli, alleges that the priest, Enrico Righi, has broken Italian law by claiming that Jesus existed.
He claims that Righi has willingly taken advantage of the Italian public, violating Italy’s laws against swindling or conning the public, and impersonation.
it’s unclear why one priest gets to bear the brunt for the whole church, which Cascioli claims is “the bearer of obscurantism and regression.”
I have to ask why it would be worth all this trouble for anyone, anywhere, to actually take something like this to court.
Come on.
If you don’t believe Jesus is anything special, fine.
I don’t believe he’s anything special.
I won’t, however waste my time brooding over it.
If he existed, (and, truth be told, I don’t see any reason why he didn’t), why does that put a damper on anyone’s unbelief in him?
Just because he may have existed doesn’t make him the Messiah.
And if he never existed, that really wouldn’t matter either.
I highly doubt Christianity would topple if it could actually be proven he never lived.
Millions of Hindus worship gods whose existence cannot be proven, and we won’t even get into whether or not God exists.
These people that waste all their resources fighting stupid battles like this only reinforce the beliefs of the other side, because it appears as though they’re so afraid of Jesus’ possible existence that they’ll go to any lengths to shut his followers up.
Why are people so afraid of religion?
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