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According to Business Wire, Six Apart will be assisting Bokee, China’s largest and fastest-growing blogging service in its effort to help businesses communicate more easily with their customers and employees.
Under an agreement announced today, Bokee will localize and distribute
Movable Type, Six Apart’s leading web publishing platform, to Chinese businesses and educational institutions, beginning in the second quarter.
“We’re excited about the Bokee partnership because it helps us achieve Six Apart’s goal of bringing blogging to businesses around the globe,” said Barak
Berkowitz, Six Apart’s chief executive officer. “China’s leading blog hosting company is now our partner, distributing our flagship business blogging platform.
This means businesses in China, Japan, Europe and the United States all have access to Movable Type through Six Apart or local distributors, enabling blogging
as an essential part of their communications.”

“Six Apart has the best blogging products in the world and I believe Movable Type can bring great value to our customers,” said Fang Xingdong, chairman
and CEO of Bokee. “Six Apart is the one of our most important partners in helping us reach our ultimate business goal of enabling blogging for all kinds
of customers in China.”

“There are an estimated 15 million blogs in China, most of them written by individuals,” said Anil Dash, Six Apart’s vice president of professional products.
“We believe business blogging in China will also grow, becoming as enthusiastically embraced in China as it is in Japan, where Movable Type is the de facto
standard for business blogging. Movable Type’s support for Chinese language blogging now gives Chinese businesses a first-rate choice for installable blogging

I wonder if Six Apart will come under any fire for jumping into bed with a company which, I’m sure, follows China’s sensorship laws.

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