It appears as though Stephen Spielberg has wasted this opportunity to bring to the public light, (and by public I mean everybody who isn’t normally interested in the current war going on in Israel), the account of what happened in Munich in 1972 by hiring Tony Kushner, whose views are hardly distinguishable from those you would find on an anti-Israel web site, to write the script.
This is a man who says he wishes the modern State of Israel had never been founded.
This is a man who, despite all the terrorist attacks, lives lost, and people injured, decries the treatment of the the “Ancient Ones” by the State of Israel.
One whole scene has been invented, in which the leader of Israel’s lethal operation and his opposite, have a conversation in which the terrorist gets to make the case for a homeland for his people.
According to Time’s cover story, that scene means everything to Spielberg and Cushner.
I guess Don Feder was right when he called Spielberg another star-struck, not terribly bright celebrity.

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