Accidentally hitting the scrolly thingy for my mouse made the original draft of this post disappear, due to sending me to my main blog page, so I’m going to write it in a text editor and then post it. I probably should have done that in the first place.
Welcome to the beginning of another week. The one that just passed was very long. I got notice that I have two tests coming up, one this week and the other early in the week after that, so I’ve tried to spend time trying to get ready for them both. I had a meeting with DSS and the professor for my Office class on Thursday, which was a complete waste of time. We pretty much rehashed everything we went over the week before, but I did find out that the Excel assignment I did is going to be part of an exam and that the exam will finish once he comes up with a Word assignment. Oh well, at least it’ll be easy. Last night I attended the new rabbi’s installation service, which I had been curious about since I had never attended, or even heard of, an installation service in a Jewish context. It didn’t seem that different from regular services, with the exception of a long sermon by a visiting rabbi, lots more in attendance, and lots of food afterwords. I skipped on the Torah study this morning though because I had more school work to get done and knew I needed to get up and chip away at that. I’m planning to do more of that tomorrow. I purchased a second battery for my netbook yesterday. It was very expensive but I need it because the laptop that I’ve been carrying around is heavy, and I have no love for Vista. The netbook has XP home and is much lighter, although the new battery weighs almost as much as the netbook does. It’ll all still be lighter than the laptop though. So that should be in early next week. Well, it’s almost 2200 here and I still haven’t grabbed dinner. More later on. Everyone have a good and full week.

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