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By Bill Cotterell

The state warned employees today that computer operators in India may have had access to their personnel records and an angry legislator demanded that Convergys
produce all records showing when it learned of the illicit “off-shoring” of sensitive data.

“Safeguarding your personal information is our highest priority,” said a “security update” issued by the Department of Management Services. It said state
agencies and DMS “will continue to work together to ensure that all state employee personal information remains secure and protected.”

Tallahassee Democrat reported Dec. 25 that two former employees of GDXdata, a Denver subcontractor of Convergys, had sued their ex-employer – claiming
that sensitive personal data in Florida government personnel files was processed by companies in India, Barbados and possibly China. The suit did not allege
any wrong-doing by Convergys, which canceled its contract with GDXdata last August for unspecified “failure” to perform subcontracted work as required.

DMS Secretary Tom Lewis and Chris Emerick, vice president of operations for the Convergys Employee Care Division in Jacksonville, told a Senate oversight
committee for the first time on Wednesday that DMS investigators that GDXdata used one or more subcontractors in India.

Lewis said DMS wants a $5 million cash settlement from Convergys, which the company is resisting. Convergys has agreed to several other security steps –
including a one-year “credit protection program” for state employees with $50,000 insurance for any state worker whose bank or credit accounts are raided
by identity thieves.

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