I just finished reading the last book in the Left behind series. It was
good, except it was missing one thing: Some serious editing. The rest of
the series could use some serious editing too, but the other books were
nowhere near as annoying as the last one. The thing that kept going through
my mind was: Get on with it. They spend four hundred and some odd pages
covering about a week. Definitely not worth keeping on the drive. On to
the next book. Haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet. Probably
something scientifically fictional, though.

10 thoughts on “The Left Behind Series

  1. I’m currently reading the Left-Behind Series; I’m on the third book at present. They’re interesting books, and the authors seem to have a way of capturing one’s attention. I don’t like the hidden agenda, but it’s still quite interesting!

  2. I’ve read almost all of the dune books, and they are fantastic. As you read Hebrew and greek, you’ll see so much hidden meanings into the names and things of that nature used in the book. The foundation is also good (Isaac Asimov).
    PS I’ve never even considered reading the “left behind” books, because of that overt “southern baptist” odor coming off the books.

  3. I’ve read them all except for “Chapterhouse”..although I don’t really remember “Heretics” at all, since I was eleven or twelve then and I have reread all the others during later years.
    Heh…i agree with you, the Left Behind series sounds like a crock of shite and not even decently exciting literature. I could pick them up just for the sake of the controversy they entail, but isn’t that rather like buying into the product that’s the most shocking simply because it’s shocking? I may just download them, but there’s so much good stuff out there, why would I bother wasting my time?
    That’s my take, anyway…I realize there are others and I wouldn’t try to change that.

  4. You don’t think I bought the Left behind books, do you? Of course not! I downloaded them. I wouldn’t pay for something like that. I was mainly interested because I had ideas of puting up a massive web site critiquing the whole thing, but that would just take too much time. But it’s funny to see how truly uneducated the authors of the series really are.

  5. haha…allright, well, being an ex-christian and all that, I wasn’t sure what your take on it would be. That critique idea isn’t bad. I read one, actually, of the first book and the made for TV movie. It sort of compares the two, and is a lot nicer than I would have been, probably, while still pointing out a lot of the ridiculous shortsightedness of the authors. If you’re interested, I’ll find the linnk. Think the site is called “The Duck Speaks”, or something like that.

  6. Question..
    Where’d you get the last book from? Last time I checked the talking book library didn’t have it. I did find an audio coppy on Amizon.com, but I’d really rather not spend the money on a book that will eventually be recorded for free. You know? So, ya, I was just wondering how you got ahold of it. I absolutely have got to read the last book, no matter how good or bad it is, because the way things ended up in Armagiden is driving me crazy, lol.
    I found your journal a while ago through btw.
    Thanks so muchly

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