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I’ve added some new links and link categories, namely: Modest Clothing, which should explain itself.
Time, Date, Location and Astronomical Data contains links for getting lattitude, longitude, satelite information, sunrise, sunset and other heavenly body events.
It also contains a calendar converter, as well as links to get Halachic times.
I didn’t check the weather today, and thus missed out on opening the windows for a spectacular day.
It’s supposed to be almost 75 degrees today.
Finally, it’s time for the open trackback post, which I missed last week, and I apologize for that.
You know what to do.
Leave your link, and a trackback, and you’ll stay on the ront page for a while.
I’m considering starting a daily ping festival of sorts, but need to figure out how to keep it permanently on the side bar.
I’ll announce when I’ve got that squared away.
If your blogging platform doesn’t support trackbacks, then you can use this form.
Linkfest Haven also lists other open trackback posts on a daily basis.

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