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The White House Press Secretary tells us that President Bush read Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger during his vacation in Crawford, Texas.
Some on the left actually think this is worth speculating about, and I have to say I’m not surprised.
I’ll be the first to disagree with some of Bush’s policy decisions, but speculating on whether or not he really read the above-mentioned book is about as stimulating, productive, inspiring, (pick your poison) as arguing whether or not chalk has a soul.
Furthermore, why the hell did the Press Secretary think anyone really gives a damn what the President read during his vacation?
What’s next?
“The President had a bowel movement this morning?”
Not that I care about that either, but something tells me that if something like that were to be released by the Press Secretary, it would be turned into some sort of proof that the President really doesn’t subsist on steak and it’s associated side dishes, and thus, isn’t a stereotypical Texan.
Either way, who really cares.
Those on the left who feel it necessary to malign the President in whatever way they can, no matter how low they have to stoop or how much digging and grasping at straws is required, need to give it a rest, and the those in the White House in charge of the President’s public image need to stop taking the bate.
H/T the Slacktivist for the story.

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