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This week Wictory Wednesday presents Diana
for US Congress. Diana is running against ex-Marine Rep. John Murtha
from Pennsylvania who needs no explanation as to why he should be replaced. This
race began as what seemed to be an uneventful race against an incumbent who not
only didn’t expect competition, but is planning on making a run to become House
Minority Leader.

Diana Irey served for ten years as commissioner of Washington County and served
on a number of boards and commissions bring jobs and fiscal discipline to the local
government. She supports not only lower taxes but lower government spending. While
Murtha’s campaign seems to revolve around nothing else but the Iraq War (albeit
an important issues), Irey is approaching running for office with a variety of stances
on issues including supporting victory in Iraq and treating soldiers with respect,
not as criminals.

Most importantly Diana is not a beltway bureaucrat and has served only in local
offices until now. She will not only bring a local perspective to a seat that is
held by an individual more concerned with his own national profile, she will support
balanced budgets and intelligent policy-making to a Congress that has shown itself
to be free with the money entrusted to it.

Please consider supporting
the campaign of Diana Irey for the House of Representatives for the 12th District
of Pennsylvania.

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