As I related in the previous post, I’ve upgraded the blog to WP 2.0.  Admittedly, as a WP user who has completely enjoyed this particular platform over all the others I’ve used, I anticipated the release, mainly because I was curious about the features it would offer.  The only thing I really have a problem with is the huge accessibility hurtle the WYSIWYG editor presents. 

I like the fact you can turn it off, but the fact that I’m blocked from doing that by the company’s firewall kind of puts a damper on things.  I’m also not sure if turning the editor off when I get home is going to make a difference here.  And now for the accessibility problems.  Most of the forms on the editor’s page seem not to be labeled, so that when I’m in forms mode, (for those unaware, forms mode is a setting within Jaws that allows for the input of information in html forms), I can tab through the list, but no labels are spoken, and some of the forms aren’t even accessible.  In other words, I have to go in and out of forms mode to write an entry.  I’m hoping that turning off the rich editor later on will fix this problem.  There are a lot of clickable open/close boxes, which adds to the time it takes to write or edit a post.  The hotkeyed buttons don’t seem to work either.  It does seem that several ways have been implemented to access the buttons, one of which being mouseovers, but since Jaws 7 likes to lock up at the drop of a hat, I haven’t gotten those working.  I may consider posting to the forums about this, or maybe even see about contacting the developer.  He, unlike the company, seems to be interested in user feedback, and I’d hate to have to downgrade because of accessibility issues.  And now for a completely different subject: Open Trackbacks.  It’s Thursday, so you know what that means.  Trackback this post, and put a link in yours, and you’ll get your weekly lovin’ from 


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6 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 and Accessibility, and Open Trackbacks

  1. Cause I wanna be just like that Customer Servant chick, OPEN TRACKBACKS!!!

    Uh, this Customer Servant girl, silly. Who did you think I was talking about?

    So what’s this trackback bidness, anyways? Selling yourself. The only reason I have it is to give yourself exposure. Yes, I said YOU. I’ve done all the hump-bu…

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